What is a Yoga Bolster used for?


Yoga offers numerous benefits for both the mind and body and MOBECO offers a yoga bolster to support this practice.

Firstly, what is a yoga bolster? Yoga Bolsters are cushion-like props that are designed to support the body in various yoga poses. A yoga bolster can be used for a range of yoga practices, including restorative, yin and prenatal yoga. It is especially helpful to support those with limited flexibility or mobility issues.

Here are some other uses and benefits of a yoga bolster:

Deepen stretches: By placing a yoga bolster under the knees, back, or hips, you can deepen stretches and increase flexibility without straining or injuring your body.

Relaxation: Yoga bolsters can help you relax and release tension in the body by providing support in restorative poses like Savasana (corpse pose).

Comfort: Bolsters can provide extra cushioning and support during seated meditation or seated poses like Sukhasana (easy pose) or Padmasana (lotus pose).

Restorative yoga: Restorative yoga poses require long holds, and a yoga bolster provides the necessary support to hold these poses comfortably for longer periods.

If you are looking for a yoga bolster Australia then this is the bolster for you. It is ideal for a variety of yoga poses, including supported backbends, heart openers, and hip openers (while enjoying your favourite TV show or movie). The MOBECO yoga bolster is a beautiful natural tone, lifting the aesthetic of your yoga kit at home or in studio.

The MOBECO yoga bolster is the supreme choice for anyone who wants to maximise the mobility or recovery because of its durable, eco-friendly materials, versatility, and stylish design. Invest in a MOBECO yoga bolster now and take your yoga practice to the next level.

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