Linen Yoga Bolster

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The Slow Mo Co Bolster

  • Hand made in Australia
  • Salvaged linen
  • Natural buckwheat hull fill

The Linen Bolster is a gorgeous understated natural addition to your mobility and yoga props. This is the perfect size to use in your home practice.

A bolster is traditionally used for Yin Yoga practice but is perfect for at home yoga and stretching support. It is a great alternative to a long roller and can be used for lying along the spine to open the chest and neutralise the spine.

The Linen Bolster is hand made in Sydney from 100% linen dead-stock linen fabric salvaged from landfill. Inner is made from canvas and is filled with buckwheat hulls (left over from processing the buckwheat itself. Buckwheat and linen which are hypoallergenic and mould to the contours of your body, allowing your body really relax and let go. The Linen Bolster can be personalised by carefully removing some filling if you prefer it softer.

  • Bolster is 66cm long x 22cm wide and weighs 4kg.

* Excluded from free shipping due to size and weight. This product is $9.90 to ship and can currently only be shipped within Australia.

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