Cork Yoga Mat - Minor Damage



This product is excluded from our returns policy. Please read the description carefully as all sales are final.   

This Cork Yoga Mat possesses all the features of our regular Cork Yoga Mats; however, a limited number of them have slight damage and cannot be sold at full price. We have a small quantity available and would be delighted to offer them to anyone interested at a significantly discounted rate.

Our available yoga mats may exhibit slight creases or have damaged or missing packaging. Reference images are provided for your consideration. Additionally, we are offering free shipping on this product. If this aligns with your preferences, act swiftly, as we have only a limited quantity. Once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Processed & Shipped in Australia
Australian Customer Support

“I needed a mat for outdoor yoga and this was the perfect solution. Now I have an indoor and outdoor mat. My mat arrived fast and you can barely notice the crease in the corner. I’m happy with that!”
– Bec, G.



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The Mobeco cork massage set is amazing. I’ve used various rollers and balls over the years, and the Mobeco ones are just nice and high-quality. These are a must-have addition to my stretch practice.

Matt S.
Verified Buyer

Beautiful sustainable kit, super happy I found this! The mat is perfect, I love the natural cork feel. I love the recycle option this company has, so good to see bands actually caring about the environment!

Jacqui G.
Verified Buyer

Absolutely loving the new pilates mat- helps so much with the non slipping (that can even occur with the special socks on) Bonus points that it’s not only supporting a local business but also sustainably made!

Renee M.
Verified Buyer

Excellent size for reformer work, stays where it should and easy to roll up to take to class.

Sandra P.
Verified Buyer

Lovely soft product. No chemical smells. Fast delivery. Great service. Thank you 🙏

Anita S. 
Verified Buyer

So good, the only mat I have used that I don't slip on, it is also really sturdy on the ground and doesn't move around.

Grace H.
Verified Buyer