How To Recycle Your Yoga Mat


Can you recycle a yoga mat?

Until now, recycling yoga mats, yoga blocks, yoga straps, foam rollers, self-massage balls, and self-massage tools has been a impossible. These items are often made from non-recyclable or mixed materials, making it impossible to recycle them through regular curb-side programs.

Recycling plastic is crucial for diverting waste from landfills and preventing it from polluting our waterways. Sadly, only around 10 percent of plastic is recycled in Australia each year, leaving a significant environmental impact. By recycling these items with MOBECO and TerraCycle, you are actively participating in reducing plastic waste and promoting a circular economy.

recycled yoga mats

There is good news! MOBECO has found a solution to this problem. We have partnered with TerraCycle, an Australian company dedicated to creating recycling solutions for difficult to recycle waste.

The recycled plastic material derived from these yoga props and self-massage tools can be transformed into various innovative products, such as community benches and low-cost building materials. By recycling your yoga and fitness items, you contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.

cinsider this before recycling a yoga mat

Before recycling, consider the alternative of donating your items if they are still in good condition. Charities or individuals in need may greatly benefit from your gently used yoga equipment.

When you recycle with MOBECO, you can contribute to the recycling effort by providing the following items:

here's how it works

MOBECO purchases a Zero Waste Box from TerraCycle. They then collect old yoga mats, blocks, straps, massage balls, and similar items from their customers. These items are placed in the Zero Waste Box and sent back to TerraCycle. TerraCycle sorts and breaks down these products to create new, recycled materials.

But that's not all! When you recycle yoga mats and self-massage tools with MOBECO, we offer you a discount on future purchases of their eco-friendly products. It's a win-win-win situation – you're contributing to a greener planet, disposing of your items responsibly, and receiving a discount towards a sustainable purchase.

By recycling these items, you are taking a step towards a more sustainable future. And with the discount offered by MOBECO, you can enjoy 20% off when purchasing our sustainable self-massage tools or yoga equipment. All MOBECO products are plastic-free, made from sustainable materials, and designed to be durable. Additionally, MOBECO is committed to environmental by planting a tree with every purchase, using plastic-free packaging, and utilising carbon-neutral payment gateways and shipping methods.

Together, we can make a difference by recycling these previously non-recyclable yoga props and self-massage tools. Join MOBECO and TerraCycle on our mission to promote a circular economy, reduce plastic waste, and create a greener future for all.

Ready to recycle? Recycle your yoga mat here. What will your recycled yoga mat turn into in its next life?