how to carry yoga mat with yoga strap

Carry Your Yoga Mat Using a Yoga Strap

how to carry yoga mat with yoga strap

Yoga straps make carrying a yoga mat easy

If you're a yoga enthusiast who frequently attends classes or enjoys practicing on the go, having a convenient way to carry your yoga mat is essential. Mobeco's yoga mat strap is designed to simplify your mat transportation and make your yoga journey even more seamless. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the simple steps of using a Mobeco yoga strap to effortlessly carry your mat wherever you go.

Prepare Your Yoga Mat and yoga Strap

Begin by unrolling your Mobeco Yoga Strap and lay it out flat on the ground. Roll up your Mobeco yoga mat relatively tightly and keep it close by. The Yoga Strap has a D-ring on each end. Flip the D-ring towards the centre of the yoga strap. From behind push the material of the strap through the D-ring forming a loop. Repeat this process on the other end. 


Secure the Strap Around Your yoga Mat

Gently lift one end of the mat and slide it through the loop of the yoga mat strap. Ensure that the loop is snugly attached to the end of the mat by pulling it firmly to secure it in place. Repeat this process with the other end of the mat, making sure both ends are securely fastened within the loop.


With the strap securely attached and adjusted to the each end of your mat, sling it over your shoulder. Adjust the strap's position to find a comfortable and balanced fit. You can choose to carry the mat on either shoulder, depending on your preference and convenience.

Now that your Mobeco yoga mat is securely fastened and comfortably slung over your shoulder, you're ready to embark on your yoga journey. Whether you're heading to a yoga studio, practicing outdoors, or traveling to your favorite retreat, the yoga mat strap ensures easy transportation, leaving your hands free and your mat securely in place.

With Mobeco's yoga straps, carrying your yoga mat has never been easier or more convenient. By following the simple steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly transport your Mobeco yoga mat to any destination. It is important to note that sometimes a yoga strap is referred to as a yoga belt strap. There are some key difference which you can read about here in our blog on The Difference Between a Yoga Strap and a Yoga Belt. Embrace the freedom and flexibility that the yoga mat straps provides, allowing you to focus on your practice and fully immerse yourself in the transformative power of yoga. Simplify your yoga journey and experience the convenience of a Mobeco yoga mat strap today!

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