Partner with us

We don't give away free products. We look for motivated individuals who have a passion for sharing eco-friendly products, self-massage and yoga content. We want individuals who produce genuine images and video content. Yoga teachers, coaches, influencers, bloggers and affiliate marketers are all welcome. 

If you are an influencer with a significant following and would like to partner with us please email us at


What we look for

Individuals with a strong passion for health, movement and the environment.

A true connection with their audience (not just followers or likes).

Those who actually follow, engage with and love our brand.

Those comfortable with generating educational video content.

Australian ambassadors only (for now).

WHat's in it for you

Generate additional income - You pocket 10% of every sale made through your link.

Give your friends, family and followers 10% off too.

Be a part of the MOBECO movement, changing the world one roller at a time.

Generate educational content that helps you grow and engage a strong following.

Model or speak on our behalf for future campaigns, podcast's and magazine features.

Support from MOBECO. We share your content on Instagram and Facebook with full credit.

You don't need a huge following to get started, the program is open to anyone wanting to share our amazing products.


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